Giraffe Centre Tour


Trip duration

1 day


Our guide shall pick you from your hotel. The drive only takes a short while if the traffic is okay. At the centre you will meet the lovely Rothschild’s Giraffes. You will learn about the breeding program and also about giraffe biology. You will also get an opportunity to feed the giraffes from your hand, hug and even kiss these lovely “Tall Blondes”.

The center was founded by the late Jock Leslie-Melville and his wife Betty Leslie-Melville in 1979 following the harsh conditions that the Rothschild’s Giraffes were living in since they had adversely lost their habitat in Western Kenya. The center was initially founded to mainly save the endangered Rothschild’s Giraffes hence the main programme they have is breeding them in safe conditions. The center; The Africa Fund For Endangered Wildlife A.F.E.W Kenya started with only two giraffes; Daisy and Marlon,  that they took to raise in their home in Lang’ata where the center is located to date. There are now over three hundred such giraffes who have gone through the programme and are still breeding more. The center also offers environmental education and supports projects which are environmental oriented. The center also offers education to teachers and lecturers where they get to realize their role in educating their students and people in general about conservation. This has made many young people become more conversant with matters related to wildlife and environmental conservation. It also helps people to interact with giraffes which helps them learn more about them hence can maintain, conserve and protect them too.


Photographic opportunities


Special moments

Giraffe Hug, Giraffe Kiss


This tour can be combined with our Nairobi City Ultimate Experience Tour.

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