Swahili class

Hakuna matata

We offer online Swahili classes for everyone who would like to learn this language used virtually in the entire East Africa.
Swahili is also the national language in Kenya and Tanzania; and is estimated to be a dialect used by over 50 million people. It is a Bantu dialect that is historically linked to intermarriages between the African communities and the early traders who visited the East African Coast.
Our classes run throughout the year and we focus on helping you read and write in Swahili. Our course objective is to enable you communicate in Swahili both in spoken and written form.

Our classes are offered in three categories based on how much time and depth you would prefer:
1. Short course – basic speaking and writing to help you bond with a Swahili speaking friend
2. Medium course – more intensive speaking and writing to help you make longer conversations
3. Full course – intensive speaking and writing course

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