Why choose us?

Why we are different

Indigenous knowledge

Our team is composed of indigenous guides drawn entirely from East Africa. These knowledgeable guides will lead you through their home region sharing with you the ways of life and helping you learn all forms of nature as you traverse this magical region of Africa.

Time flexibility

We can put a tour together in just hours, so you can make that last minute decision to go out and enjoy some of our destinations. This has been our best tool when helping business travellers and conference attendees enjoy a tour in East Africa. Just in case you get some few free hours during your meeting, please contact us and we shall help you enjoy Africa within your business schedule.

Varied destinations and itineraries

Our unmatched wide range of destinations has set us on top of the table. We take you to all the known destinations in East Africa; and even to some less known locations that will make your African experience memorable. We physically visit all our destinations prior to taking our clients, to ensure we have the most up to date information on our itineraries. We have over 100 itineraries to all destinations across East Africa and we shall help you pick your best tour.

Our Gift Bag

We offer you our customized Cisticola Tours Gift Bag. In it you will find some beautiful merchandise from the local country you will be visiting on your tour. You also get our customized checklist of birds and wildlife of East Africa where our tour leaders will help you mark all species seen on your tour. Other assorted goodies come along with our gift bag and you can be sure to enjoy them all.

Value for Money

We ensure you get real value for money by helping you get the best trip facilities and guides. We do not hold back when giving you our service. You get to enjoy the full knowledge of our tour leaders, valuable indigenous knowledge of the local communities we visit, stay in comfortable and neat accommodation facilities and get the most delicious meals.

Group sizes

We understand the need to have a group size that will maximize the experience of each participant. Therefore, we ensure that our vehicles carry a maximum of six clients each. When the group is larger than one guide can adequately attend to, we ensure we have two guides or more on the tour. This ensures that each client is attended to and given the best service at all times during our tours.

Adaptability to your needs

We offer a varied and holistic approach during all our tours. We adapt to the needs of our clients and offer exactly what the client would wish to enjoy in Africa. Our friendly tour leaders will adapt to your speed and ensure the tour moves at your pace. We also host all levels of experience, from the pros, holiday-travellers, researchers, specialists and even life-listers.


By choosing us, you become part of a global community helping better the lives of local communities in East Africa through our sustainability projects. Further, we ensure that every coin you spend in our tours has an impact to the birds, wildlife and habitats we visit. We support local NGOs and community groups working to safeguard these habitats and your tour plays a huge role in all this.


Let’s plan your next adventure in East Africa.