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Director and Head Tour Leader, East Africa

Washington Wachira

Director and Head Tour Leader, East Africa

Washington was born and raised in Kenya. He has a taste for everything in nature, from the
small to the big and everything in between. By age 14, he was already on a career path towards
nature interpretation and conservation. He has won many awards; including The Daisy
Rothschild Award in 2015 and Mr. Environment and Ambassador for Nairobi Province in 2012.
His education background is in Environmental Science (BSc.) and Animal Ecology (MSc.) from
Kenyatta University. He has a Certificate in Leadership Development and Mentorship from
Kenyatta University. He has a Certificate in Disasters and Ecosystems from the United Nations
Environment Programme and Cologne University of Applied Sciences. He has continued to
enrich his knowledge through many trainings and courses, including the Certificate course in
Fundamentals of Ornithology. He is an experienced Safari Guide and currently holds a Bronze
badge from the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association. He was awarded the African
Sustainable Tourism Fellowship Award in 2016. He is a member of the Kakamega Rainforest
Tour Guides Association. He has been part of many research projects and has led many birding
trips or expeditions across the entire East Africa. He is a passionate author having written
articles in many local and international publications. He wrote the first Checklists to the Birds of
Eburu Forest; and the Birds of Kenyatta University. He founded the Kenyatta University Birding
Club in 2014. Over the years, he has worked and interned with many organisations; including the
Ornithology Section of the National Museums of Kenya, Giraffe Center and Elsamere Field
Study Centre. He previously served as the Manager for the Kenya Bird Map Project. He is a member of the Bird Committee of Nature Kenya, and chairs the National Bird of Kenya Sub-committee. He is a member of the Kenya Museum Society. He is also a member of the Kenya Wildlife Conservation Forum. He serves as the Country Representative for Kenya at the Youth Africa Birding. He is a National Geographic Explorer, on his work with African Crowned Eagles. He is a dedicated film maker, and released his first documentary, Urban Crowns, in 2017. He is also an experienced nature photographer and has won many awards, including First
Position in the Underwater Category of the 2016 East African Wild Life Photo Competition. He
is a nominated photographer representing Kenya in the ON THE ROAD INITIATIVE by NIKON. His photos have been featured in many international books and magazines. He is also a member of the African Primatological Consortium for Conservation. He is the Vice Chairperson
of the Kenya Herpetofauna Working Group. He is a member of the Environment Institute of
Kenya. He is a certified Associate Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit Expert under the
Environmental Management and Coordination Act. Through his work, he has been nominated as
the Country Coordinator for Kenya at the Pan African Network For The Promotion Of A Culture
Of Peace And Non-Violence. He is also a TED Speaker, and gave a TED Talk on birds in 2017.

Tour Leader, East Africa

Wilson Tiren

Tour Leader, East Africa

Wilson was born in Kenya, and has been a passionate nature interpreter all his life. Having grown up by the shores of Lake Baringo, Wilson is one of the leading authorities on bird identification and distribution in the Baringo region of Kenya. He participated actively in supplying the necessary data regarding the bird species check-list development of Lake Baringo. He brings with him vast experience in bird spotting and identification gained from working with World leading ornithologists who visit his home area frequently.  He recently underwent a Fundamentals of Ornithology course at Elsamere Field Study Centre. He has actively participated in conservation efforts undertaken by Lake Baringo Biodiversity Conservation Group (LBBCG) of which he is a member. He has expanded his knowledge on birds by taking part in expeditions to many other parts of Kenya. He has been taking part in the annual waterfowl census organised by the National Museums of Kenya. Wilson enjoys birding just like he enjoys leading birding tours. His interests span beyond birds to other aspects of flora and fauna. He has perfected his biodiversity handling and study skills by working with many leading ornithologists, zoologists, botanists and other researchers. Over time, he has expanded his guiding knowledge beyond Kenya, and has now gained great experience in countries such as Tanzania and Uganda. His passion and jovial mood in the field has made him one of the clients’ favourites on each tour. He is also a passionate nature photographer and has been very instrumental in making our photography tours a success.

Tour Leader, East Africa

Albert Baya

Tour Leader, East Africa

Born and raised at the Kenyan Coast, next to the beautiful Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Albert is one of the most knowledgeable naturalists in the region. Albert has been guiding tours since 1996 and specialises in birds, mammals and plants. He is one of the most active members of Arabuko Sokoke Forest Guides Association and he knows this pristine coastal forest so well, he can literally take you anywhere without a map. He is a very warm guide and every day spent with him in the field is full of fun and knowledge. He is one of the few people able to find the rare Sokoke Scops-Owl during its day roost. He is also very well known for his top skills in bird calls, which makes birding with him a very fruitful experience. He has taken the Fundamentals of Ornithology Course to enrich his birding skills. He has also completed a course in Community Development. He is very active in birds and mammals monitoring and survey projects in Kenya. He has been very active at the annual water-bird counts at the coast, led by the National Museums of Kenya. He is very active in Environmental Assessments and often leads many field projects in the sector. He is also well experienced in research, having taken part in many projects on different taxa and themes. He often hosts research students, leading them through their field work. His guiding experience spans the entire East Africa; and he has led multiple tours in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Tour Leader, Rwanda

Sidney Shema

Tour Leader, Rwanda & Kenya

Sidney was born in Rwanda but grew up in Nairobi, Kenya where exposure to the country’s rich wildlife diversity through school trips fostered a fascination in wildlife and nature from a very young age. He is passionate about wildlife research, photography and safari guiding and is currently completing his BSc in Wildlife Management at the University of Nairobi. His main interest is in predators, especially birds of prey (raptors) and large carnivores (big cats, hyenas and wild dogs), but he is also interested in other birds, mammals and wildlife in general. He is a member of the Bird Committee of Nature Kenya (the East Africa Natural History Society) and he sat on the board of trustees of the Friends of Nairobi National Park (FoNNaP) in 2015 and 2016. He has participated in and helped to coordinate numerous birding and wildlife conservation-related activities including wildlife censuses and park clean-ups in Nairobi National Park, Lion Entry Deterrent Light installations south of Nairobi National Park, waterbird census in Nairobi and the Rift Valley lakes, various wildlife conservation advocacy campaigns, bird mapping expeditions with the Kenya Bird Map project, bird ringing and bird watching activities.He is a National Geographic Young Explorer studying raptors along a section of the southern Rift Valley, and he has also received support from The Peregrine Fund for his research. He is a certified safari guide under the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association and holds a bronze badge.

Tour Leader, Kenya

John Wanyoike

Tour Leader, Kenya

John was born in Kuresoi , North Nakuru County. He grew up in a farming family, herding cattle on the Mau Forest edges, where he grew to know the bush and its flora and fauna.  He went on to study at the Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute where he acquired a Certificate in Nature Interpretation and Tourism Administration. He further took a Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management.  He further trained with the Kenya Red Cross Society and acquired skills in First Aid and Emergencies. He has worked as a Naturalist Intern for birds and shrubs at Sagana Getaway Resort. He was an intern at the Ornithology Section of the National Museums of Kenya; and trained with the Nairobi Ringing Group on ringing and identification of local and migratory birds. He has also been a regular participant on weekly Nature Kenya bird walks.  He is a keen contributor to the Kenya Bird Map Project.  As an attaché at Kenya Birds of Prey Trust in Naivasha, he gained experience about raptor handling and raptor training using falconry techniques.  He also per took raptor conservation awareness activities to the visitors and school groups. He has further conducted tour guiding and awareness activities around the Aberdare National Park.

Swahili Tutor

Dorothy Mkala

Swahili Tutor

Dorothy is a Kenyan who lives and works in Nairobi. Like the Swahili language itself, she was born and raised in the Kenyan Coast, so her proficiency in Swahili comes naturally. Her experience with languages and culture since childhood, has been a major contributor to her undisputed passion in Swahili, a language with its roots in the interaction of Arabic culture with the numerous communities at the coast. Furthermore, she studied Marketing and Communications and is currently pursuing a degree in Sociology. She has helped a number of people of all ages to learn Swahili, both formally and informally. Whether a beginner, intermediate level or at any age, you will certainly enjoy the series of flexible classes that are tailored to suit your needs.


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